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Authors Featured in Issue 2:006

Claude Lalumière

Author of Nocturnes: A Triptych

Claude Lalumière is a columnist for Locus Online, Black Gate, and The Montreal Gazette. In 2002, his fiction appeared in The Book of More Flesh, at Other Dimension, and twice in Interzone. In 2003, more of his stories have appeared or will appear in Redsine 11, Interzone, and On Spec. 2003 will also see the release of three anthologies he edited: Island Dreams: Montreal Writers of the Fantastic (Véhicule Press), Open Space: New Canadian Fantastic Fiction (The Bakka Collection/Red Deer Press), and, in collaborartion with Marty Halpern, Witpunk (4 Walls 8 Windows). His website is, and he can be reached via email at


Christopher Daly

Author of Inconsolable

Christopher Daly is a mostly-unpublished author who at present is actively seeking rejection letters for his numerous works of short fiction. Longer works are expected to follow soon. If you or anyone you know is in the business of providing said rejections, please contact him!

A long-time slave to the machine (computer network support engineer/manager), Chris recently rebelled against the status-quo and became some sort of unemployed subversive anarchist (we're not sure which sort, exactly, but last time we were in his apartment he was showing plans for large alcohol-fueled paper balloons decorated with slogans like "Is This Domestic Terrorism?", "Is It Safe?" and "Regime Change: Bush 2004"). He has expressed an unhealthy desire to be labeled a "person of interest" by the ruling oligarchy.

He is actively involved over at the Milk Of Medusa workshop site, and hopes to begin pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing later this year. Chris currently lives in a frequently-disclosed location in Eastern Massachusetts and would be happy to receive email from Fiction Inferno readers (



Author of Bonobo Christ

This is alienartist's first published story, not counting some self-published pieces that appeared with a heartbreaking (to the author) ephemerality on a now-defunct/by major-bookstore-chain's-on-line-presence-absorbed, hawk-your-digital-lit-gems site. The sales from those pieces garnered, instead of the can-make-a-living-on-these earnings the author had (deliriously) hoped for, about enough money to buy a cup of coffee and a slice of cheesecake (very thin) in Tokyo, where the author lives. We hope that it was, at least, a decent cup of coffee.

alienartist would like to add:

"First, I'm indebted to Ray Bradbury for The Zen in Writing--the book whose guidelines I followed in generating the story's central core. Second, may Fiction Inferno continue as an alternative to the mainstream. May it flourish enough to one day become part of that stream (without, of course, sacrificing its integrity). Third, this story, in many respects (though not all), has little to do with real, live bonobo. The prospect of a space disco nightmare future notwithstanding, if you want to help actual bonobo here and now, go to: Zoological Society of Milwaukee's Bonobo Conservation page." alienartist encourages feedback on his work. He may be reached at Please put BC Feedback in the subject line.



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