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Authors Featured in Issue 2:007

Daniel E. Blackston

Author of  Strategist in Glass

Daniel Blackston is a poet, speculative fiction writer, and critic at large. His speculative fiction stories have appeared in lively venues such as Talebones, SBD Science Fiction and Fantasy, and IdeomancerUnbound, as well as in fossilized pubs such as Maelstrom Speculative Fiction and Future Orbits. When he's not writing, he enjoys playing folk guitar and tournament chess. You can read his bi-weekly column of short speculative fiction reviews, FIREBRAND FICTION REVIEWS, at, where he serves as Managing Editor. Daniel is married and has two children: a stepson, Dylan, and a new daughter, Emily Mae.


Max E. Keele

Author of  The Other Foot

Max E. Keele is just one of the most, well, lunatic characters ever invented by twist of pen. Although completely lacking in believeability--and utterly beyond the comprehension of many--his peculiar antics have amused and disgusted readers from Omaha to Lincoln for over twelve generations. Other sordid tales from this imaginary demimonde can be found HERE.



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