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Authors Featured in Issue 1:005

Woody O. Carsky-Wilson

Author of Jalina's Niche

Woody is a stay-at-home Dad who writes SF, fantasy, horror, mystery, and yes, when the mood hits him, erotica. (An Internet search will turn up some of his stories--and the tiny, unimportant, inconsequential fact that he won the 18th L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Award.) He believes that SF readers especially are looking for wonders and marvels (maybe in a literary critic-kosher package and maybe not!). First and foremost, a story must satisfy the readers, helping them to escape or better face their everyday world. We think he's all over that with "Jalina's Niche."


Kfir Luzzatto

Author of Accidental Lazarus

Kfir Luzzatto was born in Italy, the son of a naturalized American, and in 1971 moved to Israel, where he completed his PhD studies in chemical engineering. He works as a patent attorney and is a senior partner in a firm established by his great-grandfather. He lives in Omer, Israel, with his full-time partner, Esther, and their four children.

Kfir has published extensively in the professional and general press over the years, totaling more than 160 articles. For almost four years, and until recently, Kfir wrote a weekly column in Globes (Israelís financial newspaper), which analyzed a variety of subjects in the field of intellectual property. His book on the subject, "The World of Patents," is to be published in 2002 by Globes Press.

After many years devoted exclusively to creative technical and legal work Kfir has finally given in to his craving for writing fiction, and since last year has completed two novels and several short stories. This is his first appearance in an E-zine.


LA Franks

Author of The Transcendent Function

LA Franks saw his first published fiction in 1984. Between that time and 2001 he sold gags to cartoonists and button slogans to button sloganeers. He did get two humor pieces printed in the Northern Michigan Journal but since they paid nothing, he doesn't count them. Then in 2001, without provocation, he made two sales. One under an assumed name, and the other to Quantum Muse, another online publication that, while brilliant, is still not quite as good as this one. It seems online has so far been good to him.

In his own words: "This story went through a number of false starts, changes, and backtracking before I finally discovered what it's about. At least I think I know what it's about now. Shade might tell you differently. The title is kind of pretentious, but I needed it in order to focus on the story. I hope you enjoy it." Well, we did. Hope you do too.



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