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Authors Featured in Issue 1:003

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Authors Featured in Issue 1:003

Lazette Gifford

Author of Seri Ember

Lazette lives in a small town in Northeast Nebraska, where she writes every day, entertains and feeds hordes of cats, and then writes some more. She occasionally pulls out her digital cameras and leaves the house and computer for hours at a time, although she takes her Visor and keyboard....

Since her first fiction sale to Jackhammer E-zine in July, she's placed another 33 short pieces and 12 novels in electronic markets.

Not content with driving poor, unsuspecting 'net surfers crazy with just stories, Lazette also created and maintains several web sites including's E-stand to help better promote epublications. Zette is also Assistant Site Host for Holly Lisle's Forward Motion as well as web designer and managing editor for Holly Lisle's Forward Motion: A Resource for Writers. Both Forward Motion and Vision are dedicated to helping writers find their way through the paths leading to publication, as well as problems they may find afterwards. Lazette's own home page can be found HERE.



Justin Stanchfield

Author of Inside the Worm

Justin Stanchfield is a full-time rancher, part-time snowplow driver, occasional musician and a fully obsessed writer. His fiction has appeared in various publications including Boys' Life, Cricket and Indigenous Fiction, and most recently, a pair of anthologies SFF.Net's "Bones Of The World" and Brian A. Hopkin's "Extremes 4, Darkest Africa." He lives and works with his wife, daughter and newborn son on a Montana cattle ranch a stone's throw from the Continental Divide, sharing quarters with a deaf cow dog, a hungry Labrador, a cat named Alien and the world's dumbest Chesapeake retriever.

Currently Justin is busy revising two novels, one a young adult SF thriller, the other set against a mainstream science fiction background. He is the Children's/Young Adult moderator at Holly Lisle's Forward Motion writing community, and maintains his own homepage HERE. He is an active member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.



Mark Yohalem

Author of Mind's Eye

Mark Yohalem is on the verge of graduating from Dartmouth College, and, faced with the fearful infinitude of post-college life, will most likely be attending law school next year. He has published fiction in both of Dartmouth's literary magazines, but the publication of "Mind's Eye" in Fiction Inferno marks his first semi-professional success. He has also recently had a story accepted for publication in the online magazine This Way Up! Outside of fiction, Mark has worked professionally as a video game designer, for US RPG and Affinix Software.




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