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Authors Featured in Issue 1:002

Jay Arr Henderson

Author of Endless Love

Jay Arr Henderson has been publishing extremely odd fiction in print and net markets for several years now and his work has appeared in several anthologies. "I write strange stories because I write from experience and it's been a very strange life. But that's what life is like when you fully open yourself up to it." Most of his stories involve ghosts, goddesses or time travel. He is currently writing songs for a CD to be created and produced in association with his wife, Karen Carpenter.


Terry Hickman

Author of Follow Me Down

Terry Hickman is an aquatic biologist for a state agency somewhere in the middle of North America. She writes science fiction and listens to non-pretty rock music. Her stories have been published in a variety of small press and online magazines, including Spaceways Weekly, Kinships, Dark Matter Chronicles, Peridot Books, nuketown, Little Green Men, Eclipse, and The Proper Boskonian, among others. If you like "Follow Me Down," you might watch for other stories by Terry Hickman due to be published by Story House, Vacancy, and Strange Horizons.


Paul Witcover

Author of Changeling

Paul Witcover is the author of one of the most breathtakingly original fantasy novels of the past 30 years, Waking Beauty, as well as a biography of Zora Neale Hurston, and numerous short stories and critical essays. He lives in New York City, where he is at work on his second novel. Waking Beauty used to be available from HarperPrism. It still should be. Write them and tell them that.


Brett A. Savory

Author of The Distance Travelled

Brett A. Savory is a busy fellow. He is an editor at Harcourt Canada in Toronto, as well as President/Fiction Editor of the online dark fiction community and webzine, The Chiaroscuro. He is also a freelance editor, and has edited many award-winning authors' work.

In addition to editing, he is also a writer, having published about 25 stories in numerous print and online publications. He has a book out, co-written with David Niall Wilson, Edward Lee, and John Pelan, called Of Pigs and Spiders, as well as a novelette published by DarkTales Publications, co-written with Joseph Moore, called Filthy Death, the Leering Clown. He is currently at work on his first novel, entitled In and Down. His book excerpted here, The Distance Travelled, (available from Prime Books) was recently optioned for film.

Brett writes a quarterly column for Twilight Showcase magazine, has a website at, and is an Active Member and Trustee of the Horror Writers' Association.


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