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Authors Featured in Issue 1:001

Richard D. Slay
Author of Monster Island

Born in 1964 in Okinawa, the Keystone of the Pacific, Richard Slay was moved from place to place around Asia, and terrible typhoons occurred wherever he went. Later, he studied bombs & rockets at the University of Michigan School of International Relations. But due to this damn peace scare, his job category vanished in 1989. Since then, Mr. Slay has been plotting his terrible revenge which involves a book that causes readers' heads to explode around Chapter 11. In order to raise money for the special ink this requires, he has been doing low-level drone work at a law firm that may well be more evil than the ones you see on television.

Jane Gwaltney
Author of Bring Good Things to Life

Poetry, prose, and art are Jane Gwaltney's safety valves, wherein she channels her fears, hopes, and deepest secrets. The result is a blend of genres, psychological horror predominating. Ms. Gwaltney's computer is one of her dearest friends, having introduced her to the long-running ezine, Tribal Soul Kitchen, which she co-edits. So far, her work has appeared in such publications as MillenniumSHIFT, EOTU, Dreams and Nightmares, Mothering Magazine, Enigma, Whispers From The Shattered Forum, Fables, The Midnight Gallery, and Voyage.


Max E. Keele
Author of Pound of Flesh

Max E. Keele is an overeducated, underemployed idolater who lives in the dank weirdness of the Pacific Northwest, where he writes odd little fictions and watches the perpetual rain spread joy among the fungi. He has published stories in a variety of strange places, most recently "Punk-eeq Pandemic" in Issue 30 of Planet Magazine. He is currently serving an indeterminate sentence as Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of an unknown (and perhaps unknowable) e-zine that shall best remain nameless.

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